Weight-Loss Programs

For many, weight management is an ongoing struggle. Whether you have difficulty taking the weight off or keeping it off, our programs are designed to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes to obtain ongoing success.

Our programming was developed by Beau, an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, Health Coach, Nutrition Specialist and First Line Therapy Educator. Developed to be safe, effective,  and nutritionally sound programs designed to maximize body fat loss. The weight loss programs we provide are backed by solid evidenced-based research and follow guidelines and principals by nutrition experts.

Payment Plans are available! 

We offer two weight loss programs to help kick-start your journey:

30 Day Weight-Loss Program

• Day 1 & Day 30 body composition evaluations
• Weekly body-weight and nutrition counseling check-ins
• Nutritional and physical programing with weekly challenges
• 3 one-on-one personal fitness training sessions
• Unlimited Cross Training, Tabata , Yoga, PiYo, and Kick Boxing exercises classes – Learn more
A $400 Value for ONLY $195

90 Day Weight-Loss Program

• Day 1, Day 45 & Day 90 body composition evaluations
• Nutritional and physical programming with weekly challenges
• Weekly body-weight and nutrition counseling check-ins
• 3 month fitness center membership
• 7 one-on-one personal fitness training sessions
• Unlimited Cross Training, Tabata, Yoga and PiYo exercises classes – Learn more
• Cleansing program to rid the body of toxins
A $600 Value for ONLY $395

With nutritional guidance plans to choose from like:

The Zone Diet
Intermittent Fasting
Do you have one that works well for you? Just let us know!


“I was skeptical at first, just kind of following along, but embraced the entire program and lost 16 lbs, 8-1/4” off my waist and dropped 4% body fat. Just making better eating choices and exercise…..love the program!”

– Christine from Brunswick

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