Spin Classes

Spinning is like no other fitness class. It consists of nonstop indoor cycling on stationary bikes, held in a darkened room with loud, energizing music. It allows you to “ride your own ride”… meaning you can take your workout to any level you want. Each class is led by a spinning instructor who will encourage you to push yourself in an effort to increase stamina and strength. It is a blend of cardio and resistance training that will leave you breathless but invigorated!

First Class Is FREE!
Drop-In - Members - $10, Non-Members - $12
Unlimited Classes - $65/month
Add $26.00 to Monthly Unlimited Classes for 24 hour fitness membership.

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Meet Our Instructors


Chelsea Simcock

Fitness has always been my stress reliever. I’ve tried almost every group fitness class out there. My true love is spin classes and are designed to be well rounded, energetic and challenging different parts of the body on and off the bike through my spin & tone classes, making each class fun and exciting!

Karen Corro-Raymond

Karen Corro-Raymond

Mother of three daughters with two granddaughters and a grandson, has been teaching spin for 7 years. Karen enjoys running, spin, riding her bike outside, hiking and trail running. (Yes, she loves cardio) Recently closed her daycare business and is now working back in the dental field. She is passionate about everything she touches in life.