The Wellness Village

New England Fitness is more than you think. In additional to our fantastic facilities and equipment, we have a top-notch staff that offers supporting services for a holistic approach to health and wellness. From injury care to massage therapy, we have several programs right here onsite.

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Nerd Barn

Nerd Barn - Josh Mason

Nerd Barn covers all your tech needs! From computer and cell phone repair, day camps, to in home/business set up. and YES they will come to you!

Vitality Wellness - Stephanie Malcolm

Vitality Wellness brings years of in-depth therapeutic, physical, and nutritional experience to coaching. One of the most notable features of this agency is its dedication to efficiency and feasibility. We do not believe in the “quick-fix” or “miracle cure”. Instead, Vitality Wellness looks at the whole person and matches clients with realistic plans of action. Our lives are complex and often one area of disharmony can set off many others. At Vitality Wellness we look at all dimensions of wellness and help clients establish practices that support optimal functioning.

Vitality Wellness
Serenity Now

Serenity Now - Sharon Gordon, M.Ac., Dipl.Ac.

Acupuncture applied to specific ear, body & limb points works to treat a variety of conditions from improving sleep, digestion, weight loss, boosting immunity to pain & allergy relief, hormonal balancing to pre & post operative recovery. Sharon Offers: Classic, Community, Ear, Facial Rejuvenation acupuncture, Reflexology, and Zero Balancing.

Northern Hue Tanning

Northern Hue is a pioneer in sunless skin care. Owned and operated by Sarah, Northern Hue prides itself on delivering a remarkably beautiful spray tan as a safe tanning alternative. Sarah doesn’t just focus on aesthetics; she also takes great care of your health. Skin, health, and fitness are her passions and delivering a remarkably beautiful tan that is safe is her expertise. Sarah uses the most up-to-date sunless tanning techniques with a large selection of organic, vegan, animal-free testing, hypoallergenic, and paraben free products. Sarah can make any skin tone and skin type look wonderful and has worked with men, women, bodybuilders, fitness models, prom dates, wedding parties, you name it. Northern Hue can offer all sorts of custom tans whether you just want your face and neck, arms and legs, or head to toe tan. And, we can do it at all here New England Fitness.

Northern Hue Tanning