Personal Training

Personal Training at New England Fitness will always consist of proffesional, effective, and effecient exercise programs completely customized to your individual needs. We will meet you wherever you are in your wellness journey and will teach you what you need to know in order to obtain the results you desire. Our trainers are not only educators, but also motivators and coaches. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or recover from an injury, together we will work toward your individual goals.

30-Minute Sessions
$40.00 per visit (once a week)
$35.00 per visit (twice a week) - $70 total per week
$30.00 per visit (three times a week) - $90 total per week

60-Minute Sessions
$75.00 per visit (once a week)
$70.00 per visit (twice a week) - $140 total per week
$65.00 per visit (three times a week) - $195 total per week

Personal trainer

Consultations are FREE!

Payment Plans Available
Group Rates Available

What to Expect

Your first visit will be a free consultation to listen to your wants and needs, then together we will determine your current abilities and define your goals. We may begin our programs with a postural analysis, followed with corrective exercise (if needed) and continue with core/spine stabilization programs. We will educate you on functional movements, which are nothing more than movements that we all perform in our daily tasks. Our initial goal may be to establish solid trunk stabilization then advance to more complex movements along with increases in metabolic demands and physical challenges.

Meet Our Trainers


Stephanie Goulette

Stephanie is a life-long athlete who feels she has found a very gratifying career! Being able to help people obtain their goals through positive encouragement and individualized training programs fuels her passion for personal training. Helping clients reach their goals through a unique, positive, and encouraging atmosphere allows for a more personal and enjoyable lifestyle change.

Alyssa Spencer

Alyssa Spencer

Alyssa graduated in 2018 from the University of Southern Maine with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. As an enthusiast for all types of movement, she has a passion for helping others learn to live healthier and in turn, happier lives. She believes that exercise is one of the most powerful forms of medicine and is something that anyone can do, regardless of their age or current fitness level. She meets clients where they are at and creates custom training programs to help them achieve their personal fitness goals.


Erik Harvey

Erik began his fitness journey in boxing and eventually transitioned into MMA. Inspired by his favorite fighter he began gymnastics training where he found his true love. He’s passionate about everything physical and the science behind the body. He is pursuing schooling in physical therapy. He loves having the ability to help people live a healthier lifestyle and enjoys seeing his clients progress past a level that they thought wasn’t possible for themselves.