Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition Counseling is focused on helping you make long-term healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle by adopting safe, sound and prudent principals and following evidence based programs. We are here to empower you and provide you with tools to foster your success.

We will begin your first counseling session by listening to your concerns and aspirations. We will then review your current diet, as well as your diet history, and will recommend the program best suited for you individual long-term success. Throughout your nutritional journey, we will maintain communication and make adjustments as needed, but most importantly, we will keep things simple and be consistently working to support you in the ways you need.

Free Consultation
First Visit - $50
Follow Up Visit - $25

Nutrition and wellness programs at New England Fitness, Topsham Maine

Nutrition by Dawn Strout, M.Ed., CSCS, Nutritionist (207) 650-5269

  • Initial Nutrition Consultation - $125 *
  • Nutrition Consulting (6 Weeks) - $295

* Includes resting metabolic rate (RMR), anthropometric measurements, 3 day nutrition assessment, lifestyle assessment and food selection based on client's needs.

Our programing focuses on making it easy to incorporate whole foods into your diet by outlining simple, healthy and non-stressful choices. Oh, and guess what… it is fun and educational!

Meet Our Nutrition Counselors

Shaina Deutsch, Certified in Nutrition

Dedicated mom, certified in nutrition, and professional WNBF Bikini athlete. Shaina dedicated much of her free time to studying the human body and how we interact with food. This lead her on the path of designing her own health journey and eventually to becoming a professional bodybuilder. She is motivated by seeing her clients win and achieve their goals. She truly believes in the idea of “I shine only if you shine.” Your training and other healthy living choices should enhance your life, not make it more complicated. She would love to help you get there too, by teaching you methods that are realistic, sustainable, shame free and fun.

Shaina Deutsch

“They inspired me to eat healthier and incorporate exercise. After 45 days I no longer had to take my BP meds and was no longer considered pre-diabetic. I have adopted this lifestyle change.”
– Peter, from Brunswick